Packaging lines for processed cheese slabs

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Packaging line for processed cheese slabs.

Our cheese slab packaging line operates as follows:

  • By means of a special pump for thicker liquids the product is taken to the flow gauge.
  • The computer-operated gauge regulates the quantity to be introduced into each wrapper. Once the product has been injected, a piston-driven conical nozzle closes the flow thus avoiding spillage.
  • A roll of film automatically shapes the wrapper which is then sealed on its upper, lower and vertical sides.
  • Without interrupting the process, any air trapped inside the wrapper is extracted to form a compact block.
  • At no point between the melting process and the mould does the product come into contact with external agents or manipulated in such a way that it could be contaminated.
  • The entire process is automatic until the products are placed into the moulds. This operation is quick and easy.
línea de envasado de queso fundido en barra

Cheese slab packaging line


Based on our experience taken from real productions we can confirm that in one production of slabs weighing, for example, 3.2 kg (8lbs), 7 pieces per minute can be packed, or, in other words, 1,344 kg (3,360lbs) per hour.

  • Our process is totally free of handling and outside contamination making it one hundred per cent aseptic.
  • Reorganisation and/or significant reduction of labour force. Increase in productivity with fewer costs.
  • Shorter delivery times.
  • Optimisation of space as cheese slabs can be palletized directly.
  • Optional marking of time and date of packaging as well as production batch.
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