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Know-how: experience and work methodology


At the Irta Group everything from designing a facility or machine to its assembly and test runs are done by us.

Our own staff is responsible for machining the different parts, fine tuning, programming and painting the machines as well as for developing software for all of them.


Vertical packaging machines (VFFS)

Vertical bulk bagging machines

Complete lines for packaging and/or bagging products

Linear carousels with as many stations as the client requires

Linear weighers which prevent product damage

Multi-head weighers and platforms

Synchronization hoppers

Normal volumetric dosing units

Product input and output conveyors

Bucket conveyors, elevator belts or product carriers

Forming tubes

Packaging accessories, optional machinery or expansion kits


We have a packaging solution for even the most diverse products, such as:

  • Frozen products: bread, meat, fish, ice (in its different forms: cubes, flakes, etc…)
  • Perishable products: Poultry, fruit and veg, meat, dairy, fish, seafood, etc…
  • Fresh products or food: salads, pasta, ready-cooked food, bread, liquids such as sauces, juices, yoghurts, food, flour, powdered milk, baby food, syrups, eggs, preserves, nuts and dried fruits, snacks, biscuits, pulses, cereals, etc.
  • Non-food products: animal food, fertilizers, seeds, paint, cement, automotive parts, kitchenware and household goods, pharmaceutical products, stationery and office goods, toys, textiles, chemical products, plaster, liquid and powder detergent, bath gels, shampoo, creams, lotions, etc…

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