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Irta XM COMBI | Compact packaging machine all in one 

The XM COMBI Packaging Machine all in one is specially designed for producers who require fast, demanding, varied and reliable packaging in a bag or container format, Pillow Pack, Block Bottom Gusseted Bag.

A very compact ALL-IN-ONE combine The unit is delivered fully programmed and ready to perform precision packaging operations. Occupying only a small space, this machine more than covers your initial needs at start-up, it allows for easy manoeuvring and will adapt to virtually any market demand. It has exceptional potential and as your business grows, so too will the XM COMBI.

Already prepared for fitting the label applicator…

The machine comes factory prepared with the necessary space, fastenings and attachments to incorporate the Rear Label Applicator and is pre‑programmed to function correctly.


Almohadilla básica
Pillow type Bags
Bags / Pillow Pack
Block Bottom Bag
Block Bottom Bag
Bags / Block Bottom
Gusseted Bag
Bags / Gusseted
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Film feed

Automatic film feed by means of servo drive unwinding system.
An electronically controlled linear unwinding system is applied tangentially to the reel.


The configuration of the machine allows us to produce a wide range of sizes from 40mm to 350mm (bag width). It also permits the of use both round and rectangular formers with vertical, central or asymmetrical seams. Production of pillow type bags with central or side (invisible) seams.


When trying to optimize production, filling is one of the elements to take into consideration. Our system guarantees perfect synchronization between the dosage unit, the pull system (freefall/freeflow) and the jaw sealers taking into account the type of product and the type of seam which the plastic requires.

Sealing and cutting

A correct thermoseal, which ultimately determines the quality and impermeability of the package, depends on the length of time of the sealing, the compression of the jaws and the temperature used. Another extremely important factor in optimizing productivity is adjusting the horizontal jaw according to the shape of the bag.


    • Finish Stainless steell AISI 316
    • Maximum Output 75 Cycles/min.
    • Measurements (mm): 1390 x 2497 x 2727
    • Approximate weight: 1.100 kg
    • Spool. Width/Max. Diameter. 580 / 350 mm
    • Energy Consumption (Nominal Max. Value) 4,5 KVA
    • Power Supply 230 / 400 Vca
    • Encoder support Yes Ethernet LAN Connection
    • Type of Protection IP 65
    • Air Consumption 12 Nl / Cycle
    • Block Bottom Bag and Gusseted Bag


    • Servo Drives Rockwell
    • Pneumatics Festo
    • Vacuum Pump Becker
    • Motion and operational control Bus Ethernet
    • Control over shafts with implemented motion functions
    • Regulation of welding time, temperature and pressure
    • Spool spindle 75 mm
    • Film drag Belt drive with vacuum
    • Rapid spool change-over system


    • Rapid spool change (adjustable spindle)
    • Quick and easy settings changes
    • End of film warning
    • Colour touch display 10”
    • Interface Languages E / EN / DE
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