Irta EN STD Bulk Bagger

IRTA EN STD | Large format bagging machine

The IRTA EN STD vertical bulk bagger was born from the experience gained from the VX and XT packaging machines. The engineering team of Irta have developed these modern, robust machines especially for packaging in BULK.

A large, oval tube former (100% manufactured by IRTA Group) allows the product to be bagged in pillow pack and flat bottom pillow pack formats. This is achieved by widening the chassis of the machine so that the reel or film is much longer thus enabling a large bag or sack to be formed which can hold bulk quantities.

Furthermore, an expansion kit or appropriate accessory can be fitted to give the sack handles or perforate a three finger EuroHole, etc. in order to facilitate handling and carrying for the end user.

Máquina ensacadora para grandes formatos de bolsa Irta EN STD


Pillow type Bags – EN-SACK
Pillow type Bags – EN-SACK
Bags / en-sack / Pillow Pack
Block Bottom Bag – EN-SACK (large format)
Block Bottom Bag – EN-SACK
Bags / Block Bottom / en-sack

THREE HOLE HANDLE.  Extra strength

ensacado con asa para mayor comodidad

Create sacks with handles that make transporting heavy loads more comfortable and add value for your product, differentiating it from your competitors.

Download the commercial brochure of the Irta EN STB Bulk Bagger



  • Chassis finish: AISI-316 stainless steel and anodized aluminium.
  • Maximum output: 110 cycles/min
  • Dimensions (mm): 2250 x 1800 x 1900 mm.
  • Approximate weight: 1100 kg
  • Maximum reel width: 750 mm.
  • Maximum reel diameter: 600 mm.
  • Diameter of reel mandrel: 75mm.
  • Type of protection: IP 55
  • Power supply: 230/400VCA
  • Air consumption: 12 NI/cycle
  • Energy consumption: 5.5 KVA


  • Equipped with the latest electronic and servo drive technology (Rockwell).
  • Servo drives on the pulling system and the sealing jaws.
  • BUS ETHERNET interface control.
  • 10” colour touch screen.
  • Incorporated Motion control drive systems.
  • Conveyor system powered by Becker vacuum pumps.
  • FESTO Pneumatics.
  • Temperature, time and sealing pressure controlled from touch screen.
  • Ability to memorize formats. Easy, quick change-over of forming parameters.


  • This machine stands out for its ability to form very large sized bags.
  • ASA or EuroHole holders can be added to facilitate handling.
  • Bag securing unit
  • Self-centering reel.
  • Rapid reel change-over (splicing)
  • Modified inert gas injection.
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