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A large part of IRTA Group resources are directed towards the Technical Assistance Department as we firmly believe that customer assistance is the best way to create a lasting customer-manufacturer bond.

If a customer can rely on us to solve all his problems he will continue to support us in the future.

Specialized technical assistance

All our professionals have undergone rigorous training within the factory so that when they are called out they can dispatch any problem effectively. Consequently, communication between ourselves and the operator of the packaging machine is essential so that we can pinpoint the cause and, if need be, take the correct replacement part to the site.

Large stock of materials at our main plant

We have electrical and mechanical equipment readily available in stock for those of our clients who have their own maintenance teams. This, of course, eliminates unnecessary call-outs and expenses.

Customer Service Department

This department monitors all the plant and machinery IRTA has installed for clients in order to anticipate their needs and help them wherever possible to carry out preventive maintenance and ensure that all machines are being operated correctly. For IRTA Group a sale is not over once the sales contract has been signed. Our company believes in gaining our clients’ trust so we insist on regular feedback and communication so that we are constantly informed of their requirements and concerns. Nowadays, so much emphasis is placed on appearance, and although this may not be the most important aspect for our clients, we can help them improve the final part of the packaging process to such an extent that they will be able to demand more money for their product.


In addition to the three former points, our machines leave the factory with a router incorporated so that by simply connecting to internet we can take remote control of the machine and carry out the adjustments our client requires such as: solving malfunctions, modifying parameters or any other one-off adjustment. We can also test if a malfunction needs the assistance of a TAS team or whether it can be simply solved online. In the event of a machine malfunction we can send out the TAS technicians with the correct parts so that in just one visit the machine can once again be in perfect working order.

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