Complete packaging line ice cubes

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Complete packaging line ice cubes

High speed | Minimises breakage | Compact installation | High profitability

Linea de envasado de hielo: Dosificador volumétrica,envasadora de hielo; unidad trsladante y  ensacadora modelo RK


ensacadora o empacadora vertical Irta En STD

Up to 10 sacks of 5 x 2 kg bags per minute

This unit, which is not very tall, is responsible for making the sacks that
hold the bags of ice cubes.


CA1-200 + CE2-300

elevador de hielo

Delicate transportation of the bags, avoiding breakage of the product.

Comprising the Lifting Belt (CE2-300) and the Accelerator Belt (CA1-200), which work together in harmony to transport the ice cube bags from the packaging unit (NS BAG) to the bagging unit (EN STD) quickly and efficiently.


dosificador volumétrico

Interior polymer coating prevents the cubes breaking and sticking inside the hopper.

This dispenser takes care of the ice cube and protects it during the entire weighing process, from the input to the output or discharge of the product into the IRTA NS BAG bagger.


Maquina de envasado vertical NS-BAG

Up to 50 x 2 kg bags per minute.

The packaging unit makes bags holding up to 2 kg of ice cubes. Its moving action allows the film to be welded while the plastic is being pulled, which lengthens the cooling time for the weld. This is essential for the type of plastics used in packaging these products.

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Adjustable width: 50 mm – 260 mm
Adjustable length: 40 mm – 450 mm

Almohadilla básica
Pillow type Bags
Bags / Pillow Pack
Gusseted Bag
Bags / Gusseted

Adjustable width: 150 mm – 470 mm
Adjustable length: 250 mm – 800 mm

Pillow type Bags – EN-SACK
Pillow type Bags – EN-SACK
Bags / en-sack / Pillow Pack
Block Bottom Bag – EN-SACK (large format)
Block Bottom Bag – EN-SACK
Bags / Block Bottom / en-sack

High speed. High profitability

With its delicateness and reliability and the strength of its welds, this complete packaging line for ice cubes can produce 50 bags per minute, making it a true market beater. Enjoy the peace of mind of never failing to satisfy an order.

Easier for the customer

Create sacks with handles that make transporting heavy loads more comfortable and add value for your product, differentiating it from your competitors.

Top quality materials and components

We understand the tough environments in which our machines work, so we do not skimp on quality. We always use top quality materials and components from world leading brands that guarantee the durability, robustness and reliability of our machines.

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