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Optional accessories or expansion kits for packaging machines

The engineering department of IRTA group offers a wide range of optional accessories or expansion kits to provide extra performance to any plant or vertical packaging machine (VFFS).

Although it is our customers who usually request these kits we sometimes encourage them to consider using them if we believe they are necessary for their business. Some of them are an essential part of the plant, for example, if we want to install a multi-head scale, we will need a platform to support it.

At Irta Group we design and draw up the plan, we manufacture it and we fit it to the existing plant.

Zipper Unit

This unit enables a plastic zipper-style closure to be automatically sealed into a bag whilst it is being formed by the machine. Depending on the size and shape of the bag a customer wants to make, we have many different zip sizes available.


Vibrating Unit

The vibrating unit is offered when a customer needs the dosification and the feed from an entry belt for his product and the product has to be unloaded automatically. All our accessories are designed and manufactured by us to cater for any installation and product.


Flat bottom bag transforming unit

This optional accessory is offered when a customer needs a bag which is not flat-bottomed but later, as a result of production demands, realizes that he does, in fact, require this shape. We can provide an easily installed kit which will solve the problem.


Box-shape forming unit

This former is offered where the customer requires a square-shaped package. With this kit the bag/package can be perfectly configured with minimum effort.



We build platforms to specification with stairs, handrails and all other components required by safety regulations to adjust to the size and needs of every work facility.


EuroHole sealing jaws

These special sealing jaws allow us to make a slot in the seam of the package so that they can be hung in a line. This slot can be removed or it can stay attached to the bag to avoid extra waste.


Film Change-over Unit

This unit allows the automatic splicing of film reels keeping the cost of plastic at a minimum and more important, eliminating stoppages and lost time during change-over.


Lifting conveyor or product output conveyor

We design all kinds of conveyor belts from product input to product output; the famous “swan necks”; tilted; “Z” shaped, etc… Both the design and the manufacture are ours and we adapt to the needs, location and space of every customer.


Bucket elevator

This accessory is a variation of the ascending product conveyor and depending on the characteristics of the product to be packed or the work space available this kind of ascending conveyor may be needed.


Load Push conveyor

This is an accessory which in some plants is used to push the product to be packed when the customer already has transport


Reel Cart

This is an accessory we offer to facilitate the replacement of reels of plastic on the machine making the change-over process both simple and convenient as well as avoiding lifting heavy weights.

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