Vffs packaging machine

Irta Group specializes in manufacturing Vertical form fill sealing machine (VFFS) . Our engineering department develops robust, reliable and versatile machinery for packaging food and other products.

Each model, designed for any production requirement, is easily adaptable to the different sizes and formats of bag the market demands. For the more demanding client we can customize to order.



Our multiformat packaging machines can cater for practically every bag in existence and their incredible versatility enables speedy change-overs of sizes and formats as the market requires.


Our own qualified personnel will visit the client’s company to fine tune the machinery and commence production. They also give “on site” training sessions to the employees responsible for the packaging process.


We supply basic maintenance packs containing the parts which are most prone to wear and tear and which could cause stoppages. With this pack the machine operator himself can repair any damage without having to call for technical assistance.

  Technical Assistance

The cornerstone of our company policy and the most important link between our clients and us. IRTA Group dedicates a large part of its efforts and resources to this department where, for the most part, customer satisfaction begins.