Irta packs the punch at Prosweets 2017

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Irta packs the punch at Prosweets 2017

Overseas visitors from the confectionery industry, who joined up with our team at the Prosweets Cologne 2017 International Trade Fair, were amazed at the capabilities of our packaging machine, the variety of bags Irta can offer and our unlimited packaging options.

excelente aceptación de nuestras máquinas de envasado vertical (Vfss) en Prosweet (Vfss)

Everyone was very pleasantly surprised to see the virtues of our “star” multiformat packaging machine VX STB DOY, which is a perfect way to demonstrate new techniques in food packaging machines and show people how snacks and candy are going to be packed in the near future.

Visitors were no less impressed by the innovative bag produced by this VFFS machine: the self-sealing DOY PACK is particularly handy for packing sweets, small chocolate bars, confectionery, potato chips and cereals etc. thanks to the different bag formats available (basic, euro-hole, easy-open and zipper) which adapt to any requirement through modern and standard packaging.

Once our visitors have seen the advantages of this packaging machine close up, they can fully appreciate that within a short period of time this type of pack will be a leader in the food industry by offering not only a wide range of packaging options but also the possibility of vertical storage on distributors’ shelves. What better way to display a product: top class presentation, no stacking and maximum brand profile.

The flexibility and skill with which we can adapt ourselves to our customers’ packaging requirements is a key point of our commitment and those who visited our stand, especially the German customers where our market has grown substantially lately, were able to see this first hand.

Once again, we thank all of you who visited us and were able to spend some time with the Irta Group Packaging team. So, all that’s left for us to say is….Let’s keep coming up with great ideas for packaging!