Large Format

The Large Format category comprises the bags which can be formed by the bulk bagging machine. As this machine is much larger than the others, it permits us to use a much bigger plastic film roll which enables us to manufacture large format bags, bags with handles and sacks with or without pre-cut hand or finger holes

Formats available

EN-SACK Pillow type bags

These possess the same characteristics as the traditional pillow pack and are formed from a roll of plastic with two horizontal seams (welds) at the edges and one vertical seam (weld) which makes the sack or bag totally sealed and airtight.

EN-SACK type Stand up bags

Same characteristics as the traditional stand up bag. It is formed in much the same way as the pillow type bag with the only difference being that the base is rectangular creating a flat bottom which allows the bag to stand upright on the lines (production lines)/(shelves)

Produced to make carrying easy. Convenience is paramount. More than a sack, it’s a huge bag. The ability to pick up and move a bag or sack of these dimensions is what ultimately may sway a customer towards using our products.

Acabados para facilitar el transporte

Se impone la comodidad. Mas que un saco, una gran bolsa.
El hecho de poder coger/transportar una bolsa o saco de estas dimensiones de forma cómoda y práctica puede suponer la motivación extra que necesita el consumidor para inclinarse hacia nuestro producto.