The sweetest side of Irta at ProSweets 2017

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The sweetest side of Irta at ProSweets 2017

Irta Group Packaging will be exhibiting at the International ProSweets Cologne 2017 Fair from January 29 to February 1, 2017.

Our stand at this fair, which is aimed exclusively at the confectionery industry, will show everything related to the technology and packaging machinery for the food industry as well as  tendencies within snack and sweets packaging for the next few years to come.

The Irta showpiece for 2017 in multiformat packaging machines which we will be exhibiting at this fair is our compact VX STB DOY machine, already a leader in the Spanish vertical packaging market (VFFS Machines). It is important to note that the handling of this machine does not require any special technical knowledge and can be worked by any member of staff.
Máquina envasadora multiformato VX STB DOY (VFFS)

Irta will also demonstrate “in situ”, with this machine, the production and packaging of the resealable DOY PACK  bag. This item, which will display your product in a whole new light, will bring new opportunities to your business while the added value effect will quickly turn your investment into profit.

Thanks to a wide range of bag formats (basic, euro-hole, easy-open and zipper) which cater for every need, your possibilities for packaging and presentation are enormous. Your snacks and sweets can be displayed in an elegant manner on your customers’ shelves rather than stacked one on top of the other. This is an ideal way to pack sweets, chocolate bars and confectionery ítems such as pastries, potato chips and cereals etc.

This type of bag has a fold in the base and vertical welds which create a modern, universal pack. The base is no longer square or rectangular as with block bottom bags. its main advantages are: the product can be displayed in a vertical position; a larger area available for printing; easier to open the upper part of the bag or container simply by adding a small accessory like easy-open, zipper or euro-hole and, most important of all, it is cheaper than alternative systems.

With this type of packaging very rapidly establishing itself as leader in the food industry, its use in the confectionery and snacks business becomes absolutely vital.

Flexibility and the ability to adapt ourselves at all times to the packaging requirements of our customers are a fundamental part of Irta’s commercial strategy which we try to show on a continuous basis by constantly upgrading our technology and improving our machines.

Irta Group Packaging will be present at Prosweets Cologne 2017 in Hall 10.1, Stand F041. Please see the plan below to locate us easily. If you would like to make an appointment during the fair, you can either call us on +34 676 547 338 or mail us at:

For full information about the fair, you can consult the following link: