Good news for the packaging industry

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Good news for the packaging industry

Packaging is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world with a market which is in constant development. As a result, packing machine manufacturers can view the future with optimism.

Because of this growth, the industry responsible for manufacturing food packaging machines is registering an increasing demand for new materials; a greater assortment of shapes; designs which help to sell a product and more functional packs which prolong the life of food. The aim of all this is to set them apart from other competitors and to reach every kind of consumer. Thanks to this exponential growth, there has also been a significant expansion in the exports of packaging and product.

At IRTA Group Packaging we are forever aware of what is happening in the industry both inside Spain and abroad so that we can guarantee successful results for the projects we undertake in the strategic design of brands and packaging.

Innovation in packaging: as markets change, so does packaging

Faced with the social and technological revolution we are living on a global scale, the packaging machine industry is also undergoing a huge change in ideas and materials. We need to understand the tendencies of the current consumer society and act accordingly to lay down the bases of the industry over the next decade.

Eco-awareness is now the leading factor in changing the materials we have used until now by relating to the technical characteristics of each package insofar as the density of the material used to produce it and the time it will take to disintegrate. Furthermore there is a new kind of consumer who, apart from their concerns about the environment, need to incorporate other factors like convenience, product presentation, food safety, the need for information and an improvement in purchasing experience.

As far as Spanish consumers are concerned, after price and brand, they go for sizes and shapes which fit easily into their shopping baskets. These are usually decided by personal or family needs as well as how easily they can be stored at home.

So, for the first time ever, the packaging machine industry is playing the leading role and it is for this reason that IRTA Group Packaging is investing heavily in R&D and Design. It is imperative we are constantly updating to be able to offer new models which can cover each and every one of our buyers’ needs and which will enable us to design customized solutions for our most demanding clients.