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HL CR LOCK | Linear carousel for secondary closures

An additional adhesive closure or a TIN-TIE for block bottom bags which allow numerous openings and closing whilst maintaining the remainder of the contents in perfect condition. Customer satisfaction is thus increased affording his brand an advantage in the market.


All carousels manufactured by IRTA GROUP have been designed as a modular system.

The HL CR LOCK is specifically directed towards the incorporation of secondary closures for any type of block bottom package but by prolonging the continuous conveyor system and the incorporation of additional stations, the possibilities are unlimited.

We design and develop customized solutions for any proposal that is brought to us.

Example of a linear carousel for the application of a STICKER TYPE secondary closure to a bag or packet. Our carousels permit any type of configuration no matter how demanding our clients’ needs. We also provide other applications or stations such as the insertion of a vacuum valve , TIN-TIE closure, etc….

HL CR LOCK Technical Characteristics for secondary closures of bags

Download the HL CR LOCK commercial brochure (Spanish)

Chassis finish: Stainless steel.

Maximum output: 60 cycles/min

Energy consumption (Nominal Max Value): 5.5kVA

Carousel Power: 6KW

Power Supply: 230/400 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Air Intake per cycle: 400L/min.

Type of protection: IP 65

Servo Drives: Rockwell

Pneumatics: Festo

Interface Control: Bus Ethernet

Incorporated Motion Control Drive Systems: Yes

Touch Screen: 10”

Interface Languages: Spanish / English / German

If you would like to receive more detailed information about our linear carousels for secondary closures please do not hesitate to contact us.