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Ice packaging line

Our ice packaging line features a one-of-its-kind volumetric dispenser which eliminates breakage and at the same time guarantees an accuracy of weight to plus or minus one ice cube per bag.

IRTA Group, ever aware of our clients’ increasing demands , works to design machinery capable of delivering maximum quality and performance. Until recently the ice dispensers available in the market were responsible for breaking considerable amounts of cubes.

This new dispenser concept which we have incorporated into the packaging and bagging line we have also developed allows us to reduce packing time and offer other advantages which make our machinery unparalleled in the market.

Our packaging/bagging lines will enable our clients to maximize the quality of their product so providing an added value which, in this day and age, is of vital importance.

Ice cube packaging line


  • Ice cubes in perfect conditions.
  • High speed packaging – 40 bags per minute.
  • Maximum reliability of the packaging thanks to our high performance machinery.
  • Greater flexibility as our machinery can cater for our clients’ each and every need.

 Irta Group volumetric dispenser

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